Tracking WhatsApp chat messages via Phone-Tracker™.

Tracking of new messages is performed in real time mode. The maximum delay between sending a message and its display in Personal Area of Phone-Tracker™ is no more than 3 minutes. A system of desktop and browser notifications is available to notify users about new messages.

Chat messages

Read another person's correspondence

  • The software restores the message history not from a backup stored on the user's device, but from a copy stored on WhatsApp's servers. This approach allows software users to access all conversations carried out in the account since its creation.
Files, video and audio recordings

Backing up files

  • When you download the database of your WhatsApp account, Phone-Tracker™ compresses all attached files into a separate archive. In addition to the correspondence window, you can view the attached files in a separate tab in the software interface - there they will be distributed in folders: Media files (photos, video and audio recordings), Documents and Other files.

Read text messages

Track all messages sent, received and even the deleted ones remotely from Phone-Tracker™ control panel. Time stamps as well as recipient names are also available. You can track WhatsApp text messages via no-jailbreak solutions. Activate software synchronization with your device memory to get offline access to all tracked files.

Accessing files on a device

To Control Panel duplicates some of the data stored on your smartphone: photos and videos from Gallery, contact list, saved geotags from Apple Maps, call history, received and sent SMS messages.

Storage policy

Our data retention policy ensures that all decisions regarding the retention and use of your information remain with you. We do not share user data with third parties, nor do we use it to customize advertising. It is stored on secure servers, with each data cell protected by a password known only to the user.

How it works
Launch Phone-Tracker™

Depending on your needs select a subscription package. Then fill the order form with your personal details. After the confirmation of payment, you will get an email with further installation instructions.

Choose your plan

Everyone's needs are different, so we offer several plans to suit you, your family and the devices you use.

Start monitoring

After you pay for your subscription, you can log into your control panel and view their activity. It's as simple as that.

User feedback

Here's what our clients have to say

We conducted a survey asking users to share their experiences on what has improved since the transition, and here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive reviews

97% people report an increase in the overall performance of their device

Quite a positive experience I had when I discovered this site. Nowadays it is hard to imagine life without a convenient program for covert monitoring. It is much easier to sleep when you know exactly what your loved ones are doing when you are not around. I think such tools will be in trend for the next five years.

Sofia Verner
Sofia Verner at Austria

Everything works fine, except for location detection. Agree, the variation in the range of a few houses is quite significant. This should have been warned in advance, so only 4 points my grade...

Yury L-Ov
Yury L-Ov ilIsrael
98% Many people say it's the best spy app

In a short time this tool has become my favorite spy app. They have gone through many updates since the beginning and almost comprehended perfection. This tool is really a great value for every user.

Ederson Moraes
Ederson Moraes us USA

Let me just say a few words. You don't need to install it. That's why it's the best app out there today. It takes you about five minutes to start and you save your nerves too. The result is fantastic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Alyona Lis
Alyona Lis be Belgium
72% Many people say they have fewer problems now

My kids have all kinds of smartphones and tablets. At one time I installed another developer's tracker for them, but then I got sick of it! It takes a long time, the devices slow down, the kids get nervous... This program doesn't even compare. A couple of minutes and everything is ready in one Personal Cabinet.

Diana Usik
Diana Usik ge Germany

"Thank you so much for this app, it has greatly simplified my civilian routine! I use zone monitoring to keep track of my husband - works like clockwork, notifications come instantly..."

Saymon in India
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Convertible payments

Payment is available via Visa and Mastercard payment systems, electronic wallets, through cryptocurrency platforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple

How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without Being Noticed

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see what they’re saying on Whatsapp without having to ask them for their phone password? That’s every parent’s dream. But the reality for most parents is that the only way to know what’s on their phone is to ask them to hand it over. And even when they do hand over their device, there are a million apps to sort through. That’s why we created the Whatsapp spy app. It lets you see their Whatsapp activity with very little effort.

Hack Whatsapp message history. How it works

First of all, having completed the hack, the software authenticates into the target account on the virtual device with a Chinese IP address - this neutralizes the risk of double authentication activation, and opens the application to the full functionality of Whatsapp. After authorization, the software duplicates all correspondence of the account in the Phone-Tracker™ Personal cabinet and sets a tracker for tracking new messages.

Data capture and tracking

Phone-Tracker™ monitors the appearance of new packets in the account database, and instantly copies them when detected. In the application interface, intercepted activity is displayed in the Activity Ribbon, a special tool that visualizes updates in chronological order. A wide variety of filters and sorting methods are available in the Activity Ribbon settings.

Data recovery. What can be recovered?

Any data packets that are stored on Whatsapp servers: deleted messages, Moments, Time Capsules, media files, comments, and more. The software can be used to recover lost account access or restore a deleted account, unlock a locked account and reset the password.

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