Track messages in WeChat via Phone-Tracker™.

Various applications and services offer to find out with whom a person corresponds in WeChat, track correspondence, hack message history, and so on. In fact, it is important to focus not on the described functionality, but on reliability. And here is where the choice is not particularly great. Personal experience and user feedback show that the most reliable way to hack correspondence in WeChat is the spy app Phone-Tracker™.

Chat messages

Track Wechat chats

  • The app provides comprehensive access to your message history: it retrieves all messages ever sent, including edited and deleted messages. Tools for playing voice and video messages are integrated into the application interface. All new messages in the account are tracked and duplicated in the Control Panel within seconds of being sent to the chat.
Call log

Track calls in WeChat

  • This unique Phone-Tracker™ tool is a one-stop solution for spying on another person on Telegram. The software constantly monitors new voice calls, video calls, group calls, and video conferences. Detailed information about the calls is recorded in the "Call Log" tab. In addition, for users of some service packages, it is possible to install a wiretap and record the content of calls.
Device geolocation

Track WeChat locations

  • Location tracking is one of the key functions of the software, serving as the basis for a number of other functions and tools. Using it, users can find out where the owner of a Telegram account went in the past few weeks, or track the current geo-position of a lost smartphone. Phone-Tracker™ team guarantees high speed and accuracy of geolocation display.

Tracking comments

The application algorithms instantly broadcast to the Control Panel all new comments left by the user under any publication. Phone-Tracker™ monitors all comments, regardless of the privacy settings of the chat in which the comment was left.

Accessing data stored on the device

The application downloads and duplicates in the Control Panel a whole layer of data stored on the devices where the compromised account is authorized. The content of the data archive is controlled by the user: using filters (there are over 20 in total), he can specify the types of data he is interested in, which will then be used by the software to organize the data archive.

Compatible with any device

To spy on someone else's Wechat via Phone-Tracker™, any device that has an updated version of Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, or Safari browser is suitable. This is possible because Phone-Tracker™ is a web application, which means you don't have to download and install anything to use it.

How does it work? Track a WeChat account in a few simple steps
Enter the phone number in international format and click start
Determine for yourself the best offer that includes the necessary set of options.
To get the contents of one or more WeChat accounts, just log in to your personal account on the website.
User feedback

Here's what our clients have to say

We conducted a survey asking users to share their experiences on what has improved since the transition, and here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive reviews

97% people report an increase in the overall performance of their device

EVERYTHING IS SUPER! I really didn't expect it to be so easy. I entered the person's number, warmed up, came back, and voila, it really tracked messages, photos, and payments. I'm amazed at what technology has come to.

アリナ jp Japan

I needed to read the correspondence of a young man, he is now in China, I suspected that something was wrong there. Through my acquaintances I found out about this program, entered my phone number and bought a standard rate. Well, what can I say, the money I paid was not in vain, my suspicions were justified, and the program is good, there are many different opportunities, I think if someone needs it - you can understand and keep track of everything that happens there.

吾心 王
吾心 王 cnChina
98% Many people say it's the best spy app

WeChat is much more than a messenger: it is a huge digital ecosystem that touches all areas of life of a person living in China. In addition to correspondence, with Phone-Tracker™ you can track any information about the hacked user: who he spends time with, what he eats, what he plans to visit, how much he earns.

婧妍 王
婧妍 王 us USA

It's a clear application. I hacked from my phone, then synchronized with the phone memory and all the information I need is automatically downloaded, that is, I can use it in transport. I like that the interface is clear and multilingual, which is a big plus.

Xiao Yu
Xiao Yu cnChina
72% Many people say they have fewer problems now

Honestly, hacking has changed my view of the modern world a bit. I can actually spy on a person in another country just by looking at the browser page from time to time! Very user-friendly interface, with so much data everything looks minimalist and structured!"

Erdem cnChina

Phone-Tracker™ saved me from such a headache that I can't even describe it! My boyfriend went to work in China, and I was going crazy, unfortunately, I was very jealous. I found this app, hacked my account, and now I am constantly watching what he does, where he spends his money, who he meets. I became calmer and more balanced. Thanks to those who created this app!

Dayami us USA
Automatic payments accepted in other currencies.

Convertible payments

Payment is available via Visa and Mastercard payment systems, electronic wallets, through cryptocurrency platforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple

How to track WeChat online? on Iphone & Android

WeChat tracker online is a type of application used to track someone else's WeChat account activity. Tracking gives wide access to the account data: messages, files, information about when the WeChat user was last online. If you decide to hack WeChat, first make sure the software is reliable - ideally, the software should have a clearly described feature list, clear and consistently written documentation (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use). We recommend that you find a workable way to track your WeChat account before you start tracking someone else's WeChat activity.

Account recovery via authorization code

The functionality of the application is optimal for those who want to restore a WeChat account without a phone number. The software just needs a link to the target account. In addition to restoring account access, users get access to a large part of Phone-Tracker™ tools: they can be very handy for archiving account data and viewing new messages without authorization to the account in WeChat.

Spying on a WeChat account. How does it work?

The software uses a number of unique technologies to intercept the verification code. Using a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol used to deliver the verification code, Phone-Tracker™ instantly gains access to the code, and uses it to authorize an account on a virtual device. Once authorized, the app instantly deletes the message containing the code. Thus, the hack goes unnoticed by the account owner. The software copies the entire account database in real time and deploys it to the Control Panel. After the user logs into his Phone-Tracker™ account, the application starts to continuously broadcast updates to the compromised account.

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