Track an account in Messenger. How does it work?

The software uses a number of unique technologies to intercept the verification code. Using a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol used to deliver the verification code, Phone-Tracker™ instantly gains access to the code, and uses it to authorize an account on a virtual device. Once authorized, the app instantly deletes the message containing the code. Thus, the hack goes unnoticed by the account owner. The software copies the entire account database in real time and deploys it to the Control Panel. After the user logs into his Phone-Tracker™ account, the application starts to continuously broadcast updates to the compromised account.

Chat messages

Track messenger correspondence

  • The app provides comprehensive access to your message history: it retrieves all messages ever sent, including edited and deleted messages. Tools for playing voice and video messages are integrated into the application interface. All new messages in the account are tracked and duplicated in the Control Panel within seconds of being sent to the chat.
Voice calls, video calls

Track calls in Messenger

  • This unique Phone-Tracker™ tool is a one-stop solution for spying on another person in Messenger. The software constantly monitors new voice calls, video calls, group calls and video conferences. Detailed information about the calls is recorded in the "Call Log" tab. In addition, for users of a number of service packages, you can set up a wiretap and record the content of calls.
GPS geolocation on the map

Track location

  • Location tracking is one of the key features of the software, serving as the basis for a number of other functions and tools. Using it, users can find out where the owner of a Messenger account went in the past few weeks, or track the current geo-position of a lost smartphone. Phone-Tracker™ team guarantees high speed and accuracy of geolocation display.

Account recovery

The functionality of the application is optimal for those who want to restore a Messenger account without a phone number. The software only needs a link to the target account. In addition to restoring access to the account, users get access to a large part of Phone-Tracker™ tools: they can be very handy for archiving account data and viewing new messages without logging into the Messenger account.

Multiple accounts hacked at the same time

Creating and running multiple hacking and tracking sessions simultaneously is a feature that simultaneously saves money and time. The duration of hacking multiple accounts does not exceed the time it takes to hack a single account. But what's really important, with this approach, the cost of hacking one Messenger account is significantly reduced.

Accessing data stored on the device

The application downloads and duplicates in the Control Panel a whole layer of data stored on the devices where the compromised account is authorized. The content of the data archive is controlled by the user: using filters (there are over 20 in total), he can specify the types of data he is interested in, which will then be used by the software to organize the data archive.

User feedback

Here's what our clients have to say

We conducted a survey asking users to share their experiences on what has improved since the transition, and here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive reviews

97% people report an increase in the overall performance of their device

I hacked my girlfriend, it was important to see if she was faithful to me. As far as I can tell, this is the only spyware that knows how to track them. 10 out of 10, super useful app!"

Catamaran se Sweden

I hacked into my wife's Facebook Messenger correspondence to make sure she was faithful. Some may condemn it, but I think that any moves are acceptable in such matters. This particular app is a functional and well designed tool, I was even surprised that the spyware has reached this level. A separate plus for the browser interface, it's convenient.

Yury L-Ov
Yury L-Ov roRomania
98% Many people say it's the best spy app

The functionality of location tracking is implemented at the highest level - the application is more like a full-fledged spy software than a Facebook hacker: all the movements of the tracked person are saved, and if necessary, you can ask the application to send notifications when he left or came to a certain place. In short, level!!! I recommend it!

Eee Neirix
Eee Neirix us USA

I bought Phone-Tracker™ because of the call tapping feature, I couldn't even believe it was possible. As it turned out, the app really broadcasts the recording from the calls. It broadcasts in good enough quality, with almost no delay. I liked that during the conversation the avatar of the talking user is highlighted, so it is much more convenient to follow the conversation.

Oktargay co Colombia
72% Many people say they have fewer problems now

I don't know about hacking other people's accounts, but I can assert that Phone-Tracker™ is very suitable for restoring my own Messenger account without calling support. I needed to get to my correspondence urgently, but I had forgotten my password, and the recovery through the Facebook form was extremely slow at first, and then it stopped at all. Through this app, I recovered my password in 20 minutes! Thank you!

Schultz cuCuba

I want to leave a review about the Phone-Tracker™ affiliate program. A month and a half ago I decided to take part (especially since the description said that you can not only hack Facebook for free, but even earn money). Got my link, started distributing in groups in social networks. Not to say that I succeeded much, but 6 people clicked on the link, created an account and purchased the Phone-Tracker™ package. It was enough to pay for access to the full functionality of software and even earn some money! I withdrew the money through USDT, everything happened quickly and easily.

Javier itItaly
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Tracking spy app Messenger

Tracker Messenger online is a type of application used to track the activity of someone else's Messenger account. Tracking provides broad access to account data: messages, files, information about when the Messenger user was last online. If you decide to hack Messenger, first make sure the software is reliable - ideally, the software should have a clearly described list of features, clear and consistently written documentation (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use). We recommend finding a workable way to track a Messenger account before you start tracking activity on someone else's Messenger.

Can I access the data stored in the memory of the device authorized in the compromised account?

You can! The extent of access depends on the permissions given to the Messenger app. As a rule, Messenger has full access to the device memory. Phone-Tracker™ in turn gives users full access to any data stored on the device.

The application algorithms instantly broadcast to the Control Panel all new comments left by the user under any publication. Phone-Tracker™ monitors all comments, regardless of the privacy settings of the chat in which the comment was left. In Settings, you can change the format of comments, e.g. set the parameters for the software to broadcast not only the comments themselves, but also the branches of comments in which they were left.

Unique features

The process of archiving the contact list has been optimized. Now when cracking a contact list, the software uses a new approach to categorizing data. This is especially useful and noticeable when using an exported CSV file that contains all the contacts of an account - now the data is much more accurately sorted by cells.

Selective deactivation of authorized Messenger account sessions. The update makes the functionality for deleting authorized sessions much more convenient. For each active session is available information about the time of the last login to the account from authorized devices, specifying the model and operating system of the device.

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