Phone-Tracker™ app provides access to the following functionality:

Call and SMS details - a detailed breakdown of the subscriber's activity. Incoming and outgoing calls and sms are detailed: numbers of interlocutors (including calls from hidden numbers), dates, time, duration of all calls and cost of each call.

Text messages

Read another person's correspondence

  • View correspondence remotely, unnoticed by the user and the application's security system. The application allows you to hack full IM messenger correspondence, track deleted messages, and search through message history. Phone-Tracker is able to track all activity related to the use of the messenger. For example, integrated into Personal Area, you can see sessions of using the application, sent and received messages, changing profile picture and other user's actions in chronological order.

Get a printout of other people's sms

  • Unique software, which allows you to remove all the necessary information about a subscriber from their databases without the cellular operator's knowledge. And now we have finally succeeded! The result of our work was a unique software with which you can get a printout of other people's SMS and calls in a couple of minutes. And without the subscriber's knowledge! This proposal is not often seen in the market - other programs work with restrictions: for example, to get the printout of other people's calls you can only install spyware which is not always possible. Our program works without any excuses or conventions: anywhere and with maximum accuracy!

3 Simple Steps For SIM Card Tracking

Sign up free

Sign up free

Sign up for Phone-Tracker™ with an existing email ID.

Set Up


Get Phone-Tracker™ working with the target device. It only takes a few minutes

View the SIM Card Details

View the SIM Card Details

Check the SIM card details in the Phone-Tracker™ control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.