Track messages in Line Messenger via Phone-Tracker™.

Creating and running multiple hacking and tracking sessions simultaneously is a feature that simultaneously saves money and time. The duration of hacking multiple accounts does not exceed the time it takes to hack one account. But what is really important is that with this approach, the cost of hacking one Line-account is significantly reduced.

Chat messages

Tracking correspondence

  • The software can also be used to read another person's Line correspondence. The Phone-Tracker™ Control Panel displays the full message history of the target account, and the software even tracks archived and deleted chats. New messages sent and received are tracked in real time.

Device information and personal information

  • The application shows users all the information stored on the mobile operator's servers: personal information of the customer - name and surname, information about the package of services used and payments, registration address; and device data - model, operating system, history of connected IP-addresses. The system will send you notifications about any changes in the tracked data.
Account database hacking

File backup

  • A key feature and fundamental difference between Phone-Tracker™ and other Lina Chat hack tools is that Phone-Tracker™ opens access to the account database stored on Line's servers. This allows you to track even content that the user has no access to: videos created but not published, deleted posts, comments, filters, and more.
Device geolocation

Set Line Chat location tracking

  • Phone-Tracker™ software has unique functionality capable of tracking a person's IP address and current location via Instagram. Artificial Intelligence-enabled features such as Regular Routes and Nearby Users are also available to users of certain packages.

Statistical data

The Travel Statistics section collects detailed information about where and when the phone owner goes. It displays his home and work addresses, favorite places, visited stores, etc. The software analyzes his movements to determine his favorite walking routes and the route taken by the subscriber by car.

An extension for the Chrome browser.

After logging in to your Phone Tracker™ account in Chrome, you can install an extension that allows you to keep track of what's happening in your tracked profile without having to open a separate tab in your browser. Just click the extension icon and a pop-up window will show you any updates.

Restore access to your account

It's possible to regain access to your Line profile without contacting support. All you have to do is create an account in Phone-Tracker™, select the basic package, and then wait just 15 minutes. After that, in addition to being able to view your current account username and password, you'll have access to all the Stories and posts you've ever created, deleted messages, a downloadable archive of all your profile media files on your device, and much more.

Create your free account

It’s as easy as entering your email. We’ll set you up with your own Phone-Tracker™ account, so you’ll be ready to monitor their activity in no time.

Pick your plan

Everyone’s needs are different, so we’ve got multiple plans that work for you, your family, and the devices you use.

Start monitoring and rest easy

Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you can log in to your Control Panel and view their activity. Easy as that.

User feedback

Here's what our clients have to say

We conducted a survey asking users to share their experiences on what has improved since the transition, and here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive reviews

97% people report an increase in the overall performance of their device

The feature that was decisive in choosing Phone-Tracker™ was Line hacking for business, my husband often said he used it for work, so this was an opportunity not to be missed.

Sofia Verner
Sofia Verner at Austria

To be honest, I haven't used Line Chat in a thousand years myself, and I came across Phone-Tracker™ in a rather roundabout way. I urgently needed to find out the password to my sister's laptop, and I was looking for ways to crack the password to one of her accounts, hoping that the password would match. The app worked great, about half an hour after logging in I was able to trace the authorization data, which luckily matched the laptop as well.

Hajy cnChina
98% Many people say it's the best spy app

I will try to summarize my experience. I used it for listening, I set it so that I listen only to the calls of a certain contact. Notifications seem to always There are no complaints about the sound quality, in the video there were often delays, although I do not know whether this is related to the application. I liked the interface, but I'm not sure I like the format, I probably would have been more comfortable using the installed on the phone application."

Ederson Moraes
Ederson Moraes us USA

Let me just say a few words. You don't need to install it. That's why it's the best app out there today. It takes you about five minutes to start and you save your nerves too. The result is fantastic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Shinar cnChina
72% Many people say they have fewer problems now

Phone-Tracker™ helped me when I was trying to find out where my dear friend was disappearing at night. I was able to track her whereabouts and determine that she had made a habit of going to bachata nights in secret from me in order to learn how to dance it properly and to surprise me. Oh yes, I adore bachata passionately! Anyway, thanks for the spoiled surprise.

Avazbek ge Germany

This software amazed me! I have long dreamed of a program through which I could connect to other people's webcams and watch them, and here it is! I typed in here the numbers of the 5 cutest guys from work, bought the maximum package, and have been getting high from watching their everyday life for over a month now. Thank you so much to the developers!

Saymon in India
Automatic payments accepted in other currencies.

Convertible payments

Payment is available via Visa and Mastercard payment systems, electronic wallets, through cryptocurrency platforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple

What you can do with the Line Tracker app

Maintaining chat categorization

When deploying the database, the software takes into account and saves the categorization of chats used by the owner of the compromised account. The composition and name is saved for all folders, and notifications are disabled by default for chats added to the Archive. With the appropriate settings, the app can also track changes in groups and supergroups.

Recovering deleted messages

Although users delete messages, the content, address, and time of any message is stored in the Line database. With access to the archive of deleted chats, the application is able to recover any message, regardless of who deleted it and when.

Editing history

Information about editing messages is also stored in a hacked database. The application fully reconstructs the history of edits, and the software generates clear infographics to display and present the data. In addition, in the Phone-Tracker™ interface, all messages ever edited are marked with a pencil icon.

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