Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phone-Tracker™?

Phone-Tracker™ is the leading parental monitoring software that allows you to view your child's device activity through a Phone-Tracker™ account on your personal smartphone or computer. These activities include text messages, location, call information, and more.

How does Phone-Tracker™ work?

Phone-Tracker™ collects information (location, text messages, call information, etc.) from your child's phone and sends it to your mSpy™ account. In order to check the information from the device you are monitoring, you just need to sign in to your Phone-Tracker™ account through any browser on your smartphone or computer.

Is Phone-Tracker™ legal?

Phone-Tracker™ is a fully legal parental control application approved by many reputable organizations. However, we are not qualified to give legal advice to our customers all over the world, as laws differ from country to country. Please read our Terms of Use and consult a lawyer if you have any questions about the use of our software. You can also read our legal policy here.

Does the Phone-Tracker™ require pre-configuration?

Nope. Phone-Tracker™ is a web application that uses third-party software to support all features. It has a browser-based user interface, so you do not have to download and install any additional applications.

How do I add funds to my Phone-Tracker™ account?

To ensure complete anonymity, please use cryptocurrency to fund your account.

I'm going to use the app to track multiple people.

Each user profile supports simultaneous monitoring of up to 5 tracking sessions. If you want to track more numbers, you need to register more than one profile in Dashboard.

What phone models are supported?

We support any phone or tablet without restrictions on manufacturer, model or specifications. The only requirement is that these devices must use a SIM card to communicate.

How long does it take to process the payment?

The speed of payment processing depends on the payment method used. A transfer usually takes a few minutes. If your payment is not credited, let us know via support form , Our specialists will check the information and your funds will be credited as soon as possible.

I forgot the password to my Phone-Tracker™ account. What should I do?

To ensure maximum anonymity, we use end-to-end encryption algorithms when dealing with passwords, which means that the password from your Phone-Tracker™ account is not stored in our database. If you lose your password, you will have to register a new account.