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What is a phone tracker? It’s an application which allows you to locate a cell phone. You can download the free phone tracker and get a modern and useful tool. This mobile tracker is useful for businessmen, families and anyone who wants to find a phone’s location. A free GPS phone tracker such as has a lot of important functions, but at the same time it is easy to use.

Chat messages

Read another person's correspondence

  • View correspondence remotely, unnoticed by the user and the application's security system. The application allows you to hack full Messenger correspondence, track deleted messages, and search through message history. Important messages can be added to Bookmarks so that you can then access them quickly. The correspondence can be downloaded to your device in XLS file format.
  • Track SIM card Messages

Chat message history access

  • All messages that the target user has bookmarked or sent to other users are marked with a special icon in the Control Panel. If necessary, you can view messages in context - just click on the message and the application will open it in the original correspondence.

Tracking SMS messages

  • Chat access also gives the app the ability to track incoming and outgoing SMS messages. The software provides instant notification of an intercepted SMS, and broadcasts the content of the message.

Movement History

  • The app has the ability to identify the cellular source to track the location of devices on which the tracked profile is authorized. In addition, the software can scale data and show the account holder's movement history. The browser-based interface is sufficient to display the data, and web maps synchronizing with Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps are built into Personal Area.
  • GPS location of the device

Dozens of Features. One App.

Phone-Tracker™ is more than an app. It’s the key to the Internet. And it’s yours to help you unlock their digital world, find out the truth, and rest a little easier.


Imagine being able to see every keystroke they type on their phone. It’s not magic. It’s Phone-Tracker™. And with the included Keylogger, it’s easy to know exactly what they’re saying.


Now you can visually see exactly what they’re saying on their phone, in pretty much any app. Phone-Tracker™ regularly takes screenshots of their activity and uploads them to your Control Panel. It’s visual proof like you’ve never seen it before.

WhatsApp Monitoring

The popular cross-platform app makes it easy for them to text and call anyone around the world. And with Phone-Tracker™, it’s even easier to know what they’re saying. Every message. Every picture. It’s all available to see with Phone-Tracker™.

Monitoring Facebook Messenger

Do you know all their friends on Facebook? And do you know who they’re chatting with regularly? Phone-Tracker™ can show you everything.

Keyword Alerts

Are they about to get into trouble? Phone-Tracker™ can tell you. Just set keywords in your Control Panel and find out if any of those keywords come up in chat or search. It’s a powerful tool to help keep them safe.

Call Monitoring

Wondering what they’re up to when their phone rings? Phone-Tracker™ can help with a detailed call log, including timestamps, duration, and more.

Text Message Monitoring

Are they constantly texting? Discover who they’re texting and what they’re saying. Every text. Every pic and video. It’s all there.

Snapchat Monitoring

With photos that disappear, Snapchat is every kid’s dream. And every parent’s nightmare. Find out what pics they’re sending and receiving with Phone-Tracker™.

iMessage Monitoring

Do they use an iPhone? You can see the iMessages they’ve sent and received with ease. Everything’s sent right to your Control Panel, so you’ll always be in the know.

Photo Viewer

Are they sending and receiving controversial photos? Phone-Tracker™ can show you what’s on their camera roll, complete with a time & date stamp to help you understand everything a little better.

GPS Locations Tracker

They deserve the freedom to explore. But you deserve to remain calm. That’s why Phone-Tracker™ lets you find their location on a map. You can even check their route history, so you’ll know where they’ve been in the past, too.

Telegram Monitoring

The super-secure app is no match for Phone-Tracker™. In just a few clicks, you can find out what they’re saying. Texts. Pics. You name it.

WeChat Monitoring

It’s easy for them to chat on Wechat. But it’s even easier for you to find out what they’re saying. By giving you access to their conversations, you’ll know if they’re chatting with strangers.

Line Monitoring

Kids love Line for the avatars and games. Predators love it because it’s filled with potential prey. Thankfully, there’s Phone-Tracker™ to help keep them protected.

Viber Monitoring

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere, including on Viber. Phone-Tracker™ can help you find out if they’re in danger by letting you see their conversations.

Email Monitoring

This is your way into their inbox. Phone-Tracker™ lets you take a look at the email they’ve sent and received, so you’ll know if there’s anything controversial.

Contacts Viewer

You may know all their friends, but do you know who’s on their Contacts list? Phone-Tracker™ can fill you in, helping you paint a clearer picture of who they chat with on a regular basis.

Create your free account

It’s as easy as entering your email. We’ll set you up with your own Phone-Tracker™ account, so you’ll be ready to monitor their activity in no time.

Pick your plan

Everyone’s needs are different, so we’ve got multiple plans that work for you, your family, and the devices you use.

Start monitoring and rest easy

Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you can log in to your Control Panel and view their activity. Easy as that.

Phone-Tracker™ Works on Your Favorite Device

Every family is different. That’s why we’ve made sure Phone-Tracker™ works on your device, no matter what operating system you and your family use. And with both jailbreak and local sync solutions, it’s easy to get up and running.



  • No physical access to the device is required
  • Does not require installation
  • App works in the background


  • Without iCloud credentials
  • 2FA Authentication Bypass
  • Unlimited activity

Phone-Tracker™: Online tracking for Messengers activity monitoring

Run a remote hack on target account with username or phone number

After remote launch of the software, the following data will be available in the Dashboard: incoming and outgoing messages, secret chats, information about location and travel routes, the list of received and sent files, call logs and contacts, a list of managed groups with the possibility of hijacking.

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User feedback

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We conducted a survey asking users to share their experiences on what has improved since the transition, and here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive reviews

97% people report an increase in the overall performance of their device

In my opinion, the best option for finding a Samsung phone. Unlike the native application, it does not require any passwords, just specify the phone number. I used the application from the computer, I have an old netbook - nothing froze or slowed down, geolocation was displayed live, as promised. All in all a great app, I would give it a 5 out of 5.

Albert Henk van Urk
Anton Kuklev by Belarus

"For my money - by far the best solution on the market. Initially I just wanted to track my girlfriend by phone number, but then, as it turned out, I got a whole spy lab - the application showed all the SMS, photos and videos stored on her phone, and much more. Of the important points I will note the interface - everything is very clear and accessible, I did not even have to read the manual."

Vlad Gorohovsky
Vlad Gorohovsky ru Russia
98% Many people say it's the best spy app

"I didn't have any practical need for it, I bought it purely out of interest in spy equipment. I typed in a random number and ended up hacking the geolocation of some girl from Peru. What can I say, cool stuff, so far the most functional and stable surveillance app I've used (this is the seventh software I've tried). I boldly recommend it!"

Steph Smith
Steph Smith us USA

"Affordable, practical, functional. I use it to keep track of some acquaintances, in six months of use I have no complaints at all. Top marks!"

Jonathan Bree
Jonathan Bree be Belgium
72% Many people say they have fewer problems now

"To be honest, I only chose it because it provided the ability to search for a phone number for free. I registered in the affiliate program, spread my referral link on the thematic forums, and the very next day I got free access (it turned out that many people are interested in such an application). Not a single regret, great program, the functionality is fully consistent with the description."

Rob Masefield
Rob Masefield ge Germany

"Thank you so much for this app, it has greatly simplified my civilian routine! I use zone monitoring to keep track of my husband - works like clockwork, notifications come instantly..."

Sara Palmer
Sara Palmer fr France
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