What is the Phone Tracker™ for IPhone?

To read the correspondence on the iPhone, it is enough to choose the most effective and anonymous way to spy on the profile. Particular attention should be paid to user reviews of each particular tracker application, since not all programs presented today are equally effective. Be sure to evaluate the level of protection of your data and the confidentiality of the information obtained after hacking your account.

  • Call tracking and logging

    Information about all voice calls, video calls and video conferences, in which the Telegram-account was involved; Tracking of new calls and notification of them; Wiretapping of calls (broadcast audio and video signals to Personal Area)

  • Intercepting SMS messages

    Tracking and displaying all SMS messages received and sent from devices with a compromised account in Control Panel; Tracking and intercepting iMessages

  • Accessing the iPhone Gallery

    Access to all photos and videos stored on devices with authorized accounts; Download the entire contents of the hacked Gallery to your iPhone or iPad as a ZIP archive

  • Accessing geolocation data

    Constant broadcast of the current geolocation of the tracked user; Interactive web maps integrated into the application interface; Data on the previous movements of the account owner

  • Authorization in the account

    Request and then receive a verification code through the Phone-Tracker™ application interface; Use the code to authorize a compromised account; Close all active sessions of using the account

  • Full account base

    Tracking of all hidden account information: ID, phone number, last activity status; Information on channel subscription and administration; Downloadable ZIP-archive containing a complete database of accounts

Dozens of Features. One App.

Phone-Tracker™ is more than an app. It’s the key to the Internet. And it’s yours to help you unlock their digital world, find out the truth, and rest a little easier.

How to track a person by phone number on an IPhone
Enter the phone number in the software

The first thing Phone-Tracker™ will do is determine if it is possible to track the specified number. Obstacles may arise only if it is disconnected, temporarily frozen, or mis-specified.

Pay for the app

Depending on the selected package, you will receive a certain number of slots for tracking activation. In case you may need to track more than one number in the future, we recommend that you pay for the corresponding package at once - it's cheaper that way.

Log in to your account and... let's do it!

However, you will have to wait a little bit at first. It takes about 30 minutes for the app to install the tracking. Once it is completed, you will receive a notification. From that moment, you can track the subscriber's movements on a permanent basis.

User feedback

Here's what our clients have to say

We conducted a survey asking users to share their experiences on what has improved since the transition, and here's what they said:

Device-locator App User Ratings

Over 30,000+ positive reviews

97% people report an increase in the overall performance of their device

Our internal security service uses an app to monitor employee activity on iPhones and iPads. They say it's very handy. It tracks everything, down to screen time within the various apps.

Shahrom jp Japan

A friend was able to read her boyfriend's correspondence on her iPhone and caught him cheating. For more than a year she couldn't figure out what was going on in their relationship. Now I think it's time for me to take advantage of it...

Ariuna cnChina
98% Many people say it's the best spy app

I had my profile stolen! I have no idea who wanted it, but it's a fact. Support simply ignored me and then I restored through this site simply and quickly.

Chimex us USA

I would say that the service works great if the customer service did not answer me for more than a day. Where is the promised speed of response or is it just a publicity stunt as usual? And so everything works fine.

Tszezhun cnChina
72% Many people say they have fewer problems now

It's a shame that you can only run 5 sessions from one account. I keep track of 28 accounts in my organization. And for that, I had to register 6 accounts. It's not too convenient to log out and log in again every time to keep track of updates. Otherwise, I'm fine with it.

Zhang Li
Zhang Li cnChina

Help me understand Bitcoin, Ether and other options for recharge. As I understand it is just a cryptocurrency? This is completely new to me, spent a lot of time already, and the result is 0!!!!

Kunafin us USA

What the iPhone spy app via Phone-Tracker™ gives you:

Set call forwarding from someone else's phone

A unique feature - remote call forwarding from someone else's number to your own. Two call forwarding modes are available: synchronous and full. At full forwarding, an incoming call is redirected to the specified phone number and blocked on the target device. With synchronous, the application does not block the call, and broadcasts the conversation in real time.

The application provides access to the subscriber's database

The software uses the cell tower triangulation method to track a phone number online. Once geolocation is detected, Phone-Tracker™ exploits a vulnerability in the data transmission protocol used by mobile operators to connect to their servers and access the target subscriber's database.

No access to your device? You can still spy on your iPhone

You don't need to download and install anything! As a web application, Phone-Tracker™ can be launched from any operating system and any device that has an Internet connection and a recent browser version.

Can I access someone else's iPhone gallery with Phone-Tracker™?

The Phone-Tracker™ application has no system requirements - you can find a remote Android from any device that has any browser open. Moreover, you can sign in to your Phone-Tracker™ account on an unlimited number of devices - be it a phone, tablet or computer. It's up to you to decide what protection measures to apply to your account: activate the sending of a verification code to sign in on a new device, a secret question, or just a password.

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